Networl has role for you

Scarborough and Distinct Community Network would like to thank everyone who helped with their recent carnival held at Albermarle Crescent Gardens.

This was the first time such an event had been held within the Gardens and the group of volunteers and visitors hailed it a success, with plans under way for a repeat event next year.

On Friday August 12, the Community Network Management Committee are holding their annual meeting looking at their future development and plans. We would be very keen to have new committee members/volunteers/supporters attend who have an interest in supporting community-led activities, all of which are for the benefit of our local families, particularly if they have experience of funding/finance/grant searching, workshop delivery and general session support.

We are also looking for business sponsors who can help us continue our fantastic work by helping us meet our overhead costs, our volunteers do a fantastic job clocking up over 1,000 hours in the last five months, but we would very much like to work in partnership with any organisation who can help us sustain our workshops.

For any further information, please contact Carrie Newton direct on 01723 360344 (office hours) or email, or call into our loading bay workshops on Friday August 12 between 11am - noon. (located next door to CAB office Roscoe Street)

Carrie Newton

Roscoe Street