New road markings are plain stupid

RE: THE new road markings at the Falsgrave Road lights.

I understand that it may have been changed to reduce the backlog of traffic that builds up going towards Stepney, but the filter lane at the other side of the lights is stupid, as in just a few days I have seen jockeying with horns blowing and lights flashing, where motorists are trying to get into lane.

Much of the backlog has been the removal of bus stops on the lay-by for buses and the bus stop pit in front of the greengrocers and butchers.

I know that maybe only a hand full of vehicles do turn right into Sitwell Street, but as locals we have got used to it.

Just wait a couple of weeks when Easter is on us, who is going to get angry, the locals or the tourists?

May I also suggest (laugh) lights at the Scalby Road/Stepney Road mini roundabout, as no-one knows who has right of way. Right of way, to my understanding, means give way to your right, or has there been an amendment to the Highway Code since I passed my driving test?

Because we really need more lights in town, don’t we?!

Jane Green

Parkfield Close