New store is not necessary for us

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IT’S SUCH a pity that ‘In favour’ whose mobile text message you printed on Friday, April 8 did not have the courage to put a name and location to their comments.

We are not opposing anything new, this is a Tesco relocation, but the aircraft hangar they are plonking on our doorsteps will be so enormous that it will not simply offer competition, it will lead to smaller businesses closing. This is a pattern seen the length and breadth of the country. As for telling us to ‘keep our noses out’ – how crass. Does this person live in this ‘dismal area’? If not, what business is it of theirs to tell us we should accept this traffic-gridlocking, environment-polluting, ugly, unnecessary and economically devastating development? Do they think this superstore will actually enhance the area?

So, to provide ‘In favour’ with more choice of clothes, etc (perhaps), and cheaper petrol (for how long?), several hundred people have to suffer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week? And ‘In favour’ implies that we are being selfish - what about her (or him?)

Mrs P McNaughton

Trafalgar Road