NHS must not be privatised

Our NHS was made for everyone and must not be privatised.


Our NHS is under threat and it always was the best,

So think of all the good it’s done before it’s laid to rest.

‘Privatise’ is all the cry from those too blind to know,

How it was before inception over sixty years ago.

Lloyd George had health insurance pre-1948,

And the Poor Law and the workhouse were there to seal your fate.

Insurance for the working man but sadly not for all,

His wife and his children, alas they had no call.

The workhouse gave you shelter and the Poor Law poor relief,

But for those who had to use them they only brought more grief.

Middle Britain could handle it - they could afford the best,

But their best was not a patch on what would follow next.

Along came Aneurin Bevan, who turned it all around,

The envy of the world we were, when the NHS was found.

And it came when we were on our knees in 1948,

To become the jewel in the crown of Britain’s Welfare State.

Our NHS is not perfect.

Nothing ever could be,

But there’s an equal right to use it,

And at the point of need, it’s free.

Edna Oxley

Coverdale Drive