NHS plans a mistake

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RE Scarborough MP’s views on his government’s NHS re-organisation agenda.

The Tories promised “no top down” re-organisation of the NHS at the last election, but top down is all this is and it is a bigger re-organisation than anything imposed on the NHS in 60 years.

It means that up to 49 per cent of bed spaces in hospitals can be let to private patients.

It means that for the first time NHS bodies will be forced to compete with each other, and will face European competition laws.

Whilst it may be argued that the “profits” NHS trusts make will be ploughed back into the NHS, those profits will only be made because more people will be forced to take out medical insurance in order to benefit from faster treatment in the “49 per cent sector”.

The founding principle of the NHS – “free treatment at the point of need” – is being supplanted by “free treatment after private patients, some time later”.

No wonder every significant health workers’ organisation is against this appalling “reform”.

Cllr Colin Challen

St Sepulchre Street