Night-time lorries fears

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I WENT to the meeting of STATS with my personal concern over traffic on Dean Road and about whether I will hear the delivery lorries through the night. I came away being concerned about the whole scheme.

Delivery lorries on Dean Road will have to come down Columbus Ravine and before that Falsgrave Road.

Can you imagine a huge Tesco lorry on Falsgrave Road, up to every half hour and through the night, double yellow lines on Columbus Ravine, which means no parking for any of the businesses, and two sets of traffic lights? Robert Goodwill MP said this store will bring people into the town and after they have been to Tesco they will then go into town to support the local shops.

So Tesco are giving all-day free parking are they? I don’t think so. It will be two to three hours. Up to 500 cars will be coming, as people will shop, as remember this is a superstore, selling everything. This site is in the middle of town, in a built-up area and I think should be given to housing.

Janet Mason

Castle Road