No culture, and poor bread!

I arrived in Scarborough from Milano, Italy, in September 2012 for 12 months work experience and so far what I see does not impress.

Scarborough is run down and dirty and most of the people have no class or understanding of culture, nor do they know much about the local history.

There are decent coffee shops, there are many imitations, but not one serves to the standard of Italian coffee baristas, the service is slow and unprofessional. My friends and I have to travel to York or Leeds to get quality service, is because they only pay the minimum wage, possibly.

There are no quality ladies fashion shops, but most upsetting there are no quality bread shops.

Everywhere I go for bread I am met with the soft stodginess of English mass produced bread, are Scarborough people not interested in good quality bread and cakes, why are bakeries not open to the public at 6am when I could buy the breakfast rolls daily like they are in Milano?

There is an abundance of pubs and wine bars, but wine bars do not like you sitting talking to friends and only having one glass of wine or water.

Having returned to Milano for the winter I hope the situation will change in Scarborough when I return at the end of March, but some how I doubt it.

The natural surroundings are fantastic, we have the North York Moors all around us and there is plenty of history in and around Scarborough.

Unfortunately the majority of younger people in Scarborough are only interested in drinking and fighting, they have no interest in culture, one only has to look at the South Bay, just like Spain it is the bingo and slot machines that interest locals and holiday makers. What about culture when you are on holiday?

I realise that Scarborough is not like a metropolis ie London, Madrid, Milano etc, but surely it can hoist itself up in the world and remove the tag of most underage pregnancies and one of the heaviest benefit assisted towns in North Yorkshire.

A Delgazi

Via D Cirillo