No end in sight to our litter problems

RE: LETTER from Dave Landray regarding Lady Edith’s Drive litter problems.

Back in February this year I felt I had to raise this problem with the council.

I rang Customer First at the Town Hall and was passed on to the appropriate departments. I spoke to a number of people regarding litter, who was responsible, and how this problem was going to be solved.

A lot of litter is on the banks of Yorkshire Coast College and the stream running down Lady Edith’s Drive. On the day I contacted the council I was assured that someone was going to talk to Yorkshire Coast College and Raincliffe School, as most of this problem seems to be caused by people attending these establishments. Now either the colleges have ignored the request or no-one has spoken to them from the council.

On the subject of the litter bin outside Raincliffe School, the students used to use it as a bench seat outside the entrance gate. It was there for a good while until I think someone thought it would be better set on fire. After it was cleared away the council put a new one on the footpath at the roadside. Within days this was ripped up from its fixings and thrown into the beck. I contacted the council about it so they came and took it away. End of litter bin.

When I spoke to the council about the litter, I asked about a new bin being installed and was assured there would be a new one fitted, but not necessarily straight away. I am still waiting.

Geoff Seamarks

Lady Edith’s Park