No moral right to sell playing field

A TINY advertisement in the property sales pages offers a 2.7 acre residential development site off Moor Lane in Newby.

What this means, in reality, is the sale of a large area of green-belt recreational facility, which was bequeathed to the people of Newby, to be kept as an open area to be enjoyed by all.

Despite no notification or consultation with the residents, Scarborough Borough Council have shown once again that they are a self-serving authority with no regard for the people they represent!

If this sale goes ahead, it will release any responsibility from the council to maintain the area, and it could be years before it is actually built on, in which time it will become an eyesore, open to abuse and neglect.

With the vast areas already marked up for development around Scarborough, I see no sanity in depriving the people of Newby of a much loved playing field, with spectacular views and the traditional winter sledging on the hillside.

Does the council have a legal right to sell the land? They certainly have no moral right to do so!

Stuart Gething

Linden Road