No need for repairs

IN YOUR report concerning residents of Stepney Drive parking their cars on grass verges, you quote an enraged Mat Watkinson, who believes that, “Thoughtless residents, ‘posh vandals,’ are draining the town’s resources by forcing the council to constantly trim and maintain the grass! Councillor Backhouse supports him, “The whole thing is an unnecessary expense for the council. The money could be better spent elsewhere.”

I assumed from their comments that they had knowledge of the frequency and cost of the reinstatement of the verges to damage caused by cars, and that they had obtained it from the council.

In my nine years of living on Stepney Drive, I have not seen any remedial work to the verges carried out by council workmen, and so I made my own enquiries. I received a reply from Steve Reynolds, the Environment and Countryside Manager. This is the relevant portion.

“You wanted to confirm some of the details contained in the article specifically with reference to the involvement of the Borough Council and the parking issue.

“I have now had the opportunity to check with colleagues as requested and I can confirm that the Parks and Countryside team has not encountered any problems with the grass verges on Stepney Drive.

There has been no reinstatement work undertaken in recent years to repair verges damaged by vehicles.”

James Giddings

Stepney Drive