No-one should have to live with flooding risk

In the light of recent flooding events throughout the country and with all the present comments being made by the weather forecasters, the Environmental Agency and others, it would seem that two very important and very obvious facts are emerging.

One: flood eventualities estimated at one every 100 years can no longer be accepted as the norm.

Two: to build on any land which has a history of flood is no longer an acceptable risk.

We enclose pictures taken on November 27, 2012, showing the River Hertford where it crosses Cayton Carrs. The heavy rainfall we encountered over the last two weeks was not as heavy as it might have been, and certainly not as bad as in other parts of the country. However, as the pictures clearly show, the Hertford was in full flood and overflowing its banks causing substantial floods.

The proposed development site in Cayton is on about the same level as this part of the Carr. The surface water from this site is to be collected in underground tanks and pumped into the Hertford when they are full. It was obviously apparent that on November 27 during this period of very heavy rain these attenuation tanks would have been full. This land has always acted as a safety valve for Cayton as this is where a lot of surface waters gather normally due to its low position. How can the Hertford possibly take more, “a full barrel can only spill”.

We all know that planning permission has been granted for this site, but surely you must look again at this outrage. Planning permission must be rescinded, no one should ever be asked to live in situations we have seen in York, Malton, Pickering or in many other parts of the country, luckily we can only imagine the misery flooding causes please do not allow us to become first hand witnesses.

Please pull the plug, think again and remove planning permission.

K Woonton, Chairman

Cayton Residents Action Group

Green Croft Gardens