No place for 16 turbines?

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HAVING just read Barry Denton’s comments in the Evening News we consider these to be completely irrelevant.

The suggestions which he makes regarding conserving energy are, as he says, unacceptable in a Grade 2 listed building.

However the Crown Spa Hotel has in the past had alterations which did not comply with the status of a grade 2 building so why start bothering now.

The whole of the back of the building has had uPVC windows installed as a result of their being given special dispensation, solar panels on the roof which surely should not have been given planning permission and also the initial fiasco with the illegal erection of a bedouin type tent on the forecourt.

Perhaps the insulated coating to external walls should be reconsidered, but in any case the saving of energy or the cost of energy should not be taken into consideration which is what we were told when we applied to replace rotten windows at the back of our flat with uPVC, in other words, it is OK for the Crown but not for us or other flatowners on the Esplanade.

We would ask him, if he lived 150 yards from the hotel as we do, some live even nearer, would he like to listen to sixteen wind turbines whirring away night and day, perhaps he would not be so keen but obviously this has not entered his head.

Peter and Carol Southcott

Wessex Court

Esplanade Scarborough