Noise complaints: Excessive sound levels

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RE the complaints from the noise at the Open Air Theatre:

On the Thursday afternoon of the event as you came up the hill from Peasholm passing the Miniature Railway sheds on your right to the lay-by on your left with the flats etc on at the top of the hill. There was a white van parked in the lay-by with a woman sat in the passenger seat and a man stood next to the van with a tripod and equipment fixed to it which he was monitoring. I am more than certain the equipment was a noise/decibel level tester. Rehearsals were in progress.

Hopefully it was not that which has been used to determine the noise levels from the theatre.

Sat in my back garden with a garage as a noise break I could still hear the rehearsals as they happened. On the night of the concert I stood in my drive and could hear the concert no problem. Certainly a louder noise at night. The fireworks being the loudest I have ever heard from the Open Air Theatre even rattling my windows.

I would be very surprised if the noises from the theatre comply with the Code of Practice for Environmental Noise at Concerts (1995) published by the Noise Council. I would suggest they far exceed them.

This would seem to make a mockery of the so-called noise problem at the Rugby Club by the odd complainant.

PJS Waller

Woodville Avenue