North Bay prom is now a car park

Mr J Stephenson is entirely correct in his recent letter about vehicles using the North Bay Promenade.

On any view the promenade was never designed as a road enabling large lorries to access the Open Air Theatre.

It is utterly unacceptable to have any vehicle whether lorries, vans or cars fighting their way through literally hundreds of pedestrians.

The general level of noise on, say, a busy Saturday afternoon is considerable. We see many people including children, disabled, those with dogs, oblivious to vehicles approaching from behind them until they are often feet away from danger.

How the council could throw such a huge amount of money at the Theatre without ensuring a proper and safe means of access is, frankly, astonishing.

The dangers are compounded by the regular and illegal parkers who park outside the Sands Complex shops.

This severely restricts the width of the promenade at its entrance and causes pedestrians to stand back against the walls to allow vehicles to pass.

Fortunately the infrequency of staged events at the Theatre and the minimal use of the beach chalets reduces the number of vehicles which could potentially be using the promenade. However this is hardly a good point. At least the chalet users have restricted access at sensible times of the day.

A Granville-Fall

Weaponness Valley Road