North Bay: Site waterpark on seafront

So Scarborough Council agree to risk £10m to save the North Bay revamp.

It is said the revamp has been going on for 15 years. Had Scarborough Council listened to Scarborough residents and visitors alike North Bay would have been dealt with with more sympathy. The ugly holiday flats should never have been erected, it was amazing how quickly that decision went through leaving both North Bay and visitors with no promised attractions for years.

What Scarborough Council should have done is look at the great attraction at Cleethorpes of their waterpark - families have this facility on the sea front.

As for the South Bay Spa sea defences it’s not enough to ruin the North Bay, Scarborough Borough Council want to ruin the Spa with boulders and taking away part of the beach. I suggest they look at Redcar at their brilliant step sea defences, not only is it a better idea it also lets families use the steps when the tide is out and more beach is saved.

Jennifer Butcher

Paddock Way