Nostalgia: Fond memories of our own little golf course

Reading your article ‘Hidden Yorkshire’ (Scarborough News, August 7) brought back happy memories.

Back in the 1930s my parents Wilfred and Lizzie Waring lived in Hyde Park, Leeds, with my two brothers Ken and Roy and me (Joan) the youngest.

Due to very little money coming in holidays away were out of the question so we spent many happy hours during school holidays in ‘The Hollies’ - Dad went to Woolworths and bought two small golf clubs and golf balls for a few old pence.

This expense, plus tram fare to Weetwood Lane and back was the entire cost of our holiday outings.

Dad used his pen knife to hollow out small holes between tree roots in the woods at the top and we had our own miniature golf course.

This pastime, plus exploring the rest of the park, gave us lots of fun.

I always understood that the big house we passed, soon after entering, was a children’s convalescent home.

Thanks for the memories.

Joan M Taylor

Esplanade Road