Not all old folk are moaners

IT appears Mick Ibbotson (Mar 19) was unlucky with his 9am encounter on the bus.

I would like to assure him that not all pensioners are like those he appeared to come across. I don’t take up two seats, don’t have a walking stick nor a shopping trolley and I usually aim for a bus around 10am.

As for the moaning, in my experience people often moan. But I can assure him not all pensioners spend all their time moaning.

As for young people, I have considerable admiration for the many excellent young men and women I come across in my work for the scout movement. As for abusing people of other colour, that is something I cannot condone.

He goes on to say it was different in their day - it certainly was! My first seven years were during World War 2 and my next seven were spent in times that were about as grim as they could be, with rationing and shortages, though we kept smiling.

So when when Mick reaches my age, of 73, I hope he’ll be a little more tolerant of a group of people who have to travel by bus as we can’t drive or can’t afford a car!

Henry Tompkin, Rotherham