Nothing wrong with food served to patients

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HAVING READ the article about the state of the kitchens within the Scarborough Hospital following an inspection by environmental health officers, it seems that the hospital is constantly getting bad press. I want to write and spread some good news about the hospital!

Having just recently had two cancerous tumours removed (five weeks ago) and spent the best part of a week in the hospital, that the staff were exceptional, those that work on the front line of the hospital and I mean the local staff from Whitby through to Bridlington areas do care about the patients and help where they can to make an unpleasant stay comfortable and generally help aid recovery.

I did not experience anything bad about my stay in hospital, and I am surprised that your article brings into question the hygiene of the hospital kitchens.

The food offered to me was fine and more than acceptable.

I hope that the local staff and the hospital are saved from harsh NHS cuts because they deserve better!

Geoff Johnson

Rothbury Street