Nursing Home: Compassion and sense

As a supporter of Dogs Trust, I was truly moved and heartened by the story in its magazine paying tribute to Rambla Nursing Home welcoming in Spider, whose owner’s mother is in their care and is greatly cheered up by his regular affectionate visits.

The home’s manager, Heather McAusland, can only be commended for her good sense and compassion in encouraging dogs to give companionship and morale-boosting therapy to elderly residents who have had to give up homes and pets.

The special Dogs Trust award given to her will hopefully encourage more care homes to become dog friendly and bring a smile and animated interest to tired and anxious faces.

What a contrast to the terrible case of the tiny newborn puppy dumped in a dustbin in Leeds. Fortunately, she was found by somebody who cared and taken straight to the Dogs Trust centre, but she was in very poor condition and needed constant two-hourly feeds to survive such dreadful abuse. She is now thriving and going to a very good local home, but when dogs fall into the hands of morons capable of such atrocity, we can only welcome the Pet Advertising Advisory Group’s curb on advertising dogs on the internet.

Dogs are not mobile phones or mountain bikes and ‘A dog is for life not for Christmas’ is as true now as 35 years ago.

Katherine Watson

Briarlands Close