Off-licence staff need training too

IN REPLY to Alan Combes’ letter regarding public disorder figures.

Mr Combes is probably correct in suggesting some staff need training up to reduce this worrying statistic regarding St Nicholas Street and St Thomas Street.

However, we would suggest that it is not the hard-working members of staff in the bars in this area that require training.

Our bar staff and badged door supervisors here at The Sun Inn, have all received thorough in-house training and attended external courses, some to NVQ level and higher, on the dispensing of alcohol and observing the objectives of the licensing act, some have their own personal licence, are members of the BII and all staff hold qualifications directly relevant to this business.

My experience tells me that bar work in this country is extremely undervalued and most of the staff we come into contact with in this area of Scarborough are indeed already trained and to an exceptional level. We all take part in regular Pub Watch meetings and work together to ensure perpetrators are named and banned.

May we suggest that shop, off-licence and supermarket workers received similar training as it is an opinion, shared by many in this industry, that a huge majority of the anti-social behaviour referred to in these figures can, in many instances, be directly connected to alcohol consumption in the home prior to the late visit into town. Local pub and nightclub operators, taxi drivers, takeaway venue staff and residents of this area know only too well that by the time some customers leave home and come into town late in the evening they are already well and truly watered!

Anti-social behaviour and incidents of violent disorder are indeed a concern but the bottle neck that is St Nicholas Street and St Thomas Street is always going to attract higher stats purely down to the number of people it attracts, most of whom, we are happy to say, behave in a perfectly decent manner.

Mike and Pauline Hirst

The Sun Inn

St Thomas Street