Office mayor: Bailiffs held high office

I’ve been asked to correct a common error that occurred in part of an article on Cllr David Jeffels under “Background facts” (Scarborough News, May 28).

Scarborough borough has not had the office of mayor for 750 years. The office was not created until as late as 1835 under the Municipal Corporations Act when the old, self-perpetuating corporation led by two bailiffs was replaced by an elected town council. Scarborough’s first modern mayor, Samuel Standidge Byron, was elected by the new council, January 1, 1836.

With only two brief exceptions, in 1484-5 and 1685-88, when in each case the monarch imposed appointed mayors, Scarborough borough was governed from the 12th century until 1835 by two annually appointed bailiffs.

Jack Binns

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