Officials: Theorists lack common sense

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It does appear to me that the management boards of the NHS and the Environmental Agency are run by educated theorists who are lacking in common sense, constantly changing plans at enormous cost without consultation.

A&E seems to be operated like a 1950s garage service depot. Take too long or the vehicle returned for remedial work and the mechanic was penalised. Who are the health managers who will decide that we have had a good innings? So not entitled to further medication but put on the pathway to heaven.

I would agree there is no point in staying alive if you have no quality of life, you cannot recognise any of the family when they visit, or you are unable to see, or attend, to your own basic hygiene. The priority must be to eradicate these awful diseases that are usually age-related such as dementia, Parkinsons, macula degeneration, prostate problems, and asthma.

We cost the health service a small amount from maternity to puberty, then the costs diminish with many not knowing who their doctor is until we retire when the problems start and we become a financial burden. However, there were all those NHS payments over the 50 years so the money should be available.

Our environment agency is prepared to sacrifice large swathes of our coastline because we are unable to afford to protect it! I would have thought with an expanding population on a small island we cannot afford not to protect it. Most of the land in the low countries is below sea level but the Dutch people defend their land from the storms that batter us, maybe we should be looking to them for our sea defences.

Mr AG Brignall

Hall Park Grove