Olly Murs tickets woe

i stood in the queue to get tickets for Olly Murs for myself and my granddaughter for three hours, while waiting a man came round and told us that 100 tickets had just been released but then we were told the tickets were sold out and we would have to get tickets on Monday morning at 9am on the internet. We were also told by the policewoman on duty that the council had been good enough to let Scarborough people to be able to get 1,000 tickets, and that they had to attend the queue because people were jumping the queue and people were getting annoyed.

It is alright saying you can get tickets at 9am on Monday but most people go to work.

I went to see Dreamcoats and Petticoats at the Futurist, it was brilliant, Ben Ellis was fantastic and the cast that sang with him. People were dancing in the aisles.

It seems a shame that the council did not spend money on the Futurist than the Open Air Theatre; I went to see Elton John and he was on stage from 7pm to 9.30pm, the man next to my husband was drunk along with a lot more people up and down in their seats going to get drinks and people walking about all the time. If they want to get drunk go to the pub, I thought it was disrespectful and a woman in front of me had an apple and banana taken from her and put in the bin. £4 for a pint of lager and £2.50 for a hot dog.

I have hired a chalet at the back of what used to be Mr Marvels.

I think I might go there to hear Olly Murs for nothing, and it was lovely looking at the eyesore that used to be the open air swimming pool; Scarborough Council paid over £100,000 to accommodate the Seamer Horse Fair, what about the people!

DM Ridsdale

Kareen Avenue