On the wrong lines

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RE: The State of Our Country.

We all hear people complaining about the state of our country and the fact we are a ‘Nanny’ state, with all the rules and regulations and our ‘Health and Safety’ that has gone completely mad, but there was something I saw the other weekend that really got me angry, so much so that I went and had a word with the people concerned, and they were ... ‘Traffic Wardens’, or to be politically correct I should use their new name ‘Parking Attendants’.

The thing was that just across the road from us there was an old pub (the site of the old Cricketers public house) which has now been demolished and building work has started to build a block of old people’s flats, so as with any building site all the shuttering went up all around the site leaving one entrance for site traffic on a different road. Now when it was a pub there were two entrances from our road into what was then a car park but now there is no car park and the shuttering has been put up right across the site so nothing could get in from these entrances if they wanted to.

Take into consideration now the fact that we live in a seaside resort (Scarborough) and the weekend in question was Easter, parking was somewhat limited, if not nearly impossible, so a neighbour of mine and another vehicle parked over what used to be the entrance and these are obviously marked with double yellow lines.

On this particular morning I was opening our front door and saw two, yes two ‘Parking Attendants’ giving tickets to these two vehicles. At this point I think I felt my blood temperature rise by about ten degrees and felt compelled to go over and give these two a piece of my mind, and so I did. I will not go into details about what I said to them but I did mention common sense and a few other things, especially when the lady attendant started to call me ‘sir’.

Their response was that a double yellow line is a double yellow line even if the reason for it had been removed.

Paul Lester

North Marine Road