Open Air Theatre: Feeling ‘ripped off’ at theatre mark-up costs

In June we visited Scarborough Open Air Theatre to watch Alfie Boe in concert.

Our tickets were £35 each and there was a 20 per cent mark-up through Ticket-master for administration fees.

These tickets were paid for several months in advance and the tickets did not arrive until only a few days before the performance.

We would have liked to have seen another show here, but because of the exorbitant mark-up on the ticket prices we decided we could only go to the one show this year.

We heard of a production in York, The Railway Children at the Railway Museum and bought eight tickets. There was a booking fee of £1. This was not per ticket, but per transaction.

Scarborough Council and the Open Air Theatre should look into the method of payment so that we would be able to enjoy more than one show next year and not feel like we are being totally ripped off.

For the York production we printed off our own tickets on the day we booked and these were scanned as we entered.

There were no problems at all and we will be writing to York Council to commend them for their easy booking facility.

Mr and Mrs James Bolton

Rawdale Close

South Cave


East Yorkshire