Open bus lanes to bikers

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Re Bus lane opportunity to cut congestion.

In light of the recent Transport for London decision to permanently open red route bus lanes for motorcycles and scooters, Westminster City Council have announced that they will follow suit.

They say this move is to create a safe, clean and vibrant environment in which all road users can benefit. With the rise in scooter usage, it is important that two wheeled road users get around in safety.

They have realised that motorcycles can play a significant part in traffic congestion reduction and in the reduction of emissions. Councils as diverse as Bristol, Bedford and Swindon have seen sense and approved the idea.

Scarborough Council has narrowed roads to accommodate the bus lanes, making it extremely dangerous for two wheelers to filter, where it used to be done safely, easing the congestion on our busy roads. Several times a year, hundreds of bikes leave Oliver’s Mount to be faced with an empty bus lane they cannot use and congestion they cannot overtake. Will someone from Scarborough Borough Council give a valid reason why this situation remains, when inevitably they will be obliged to open the bus lanes to bikes as the policy becomes widespread.

Stuart Gething

Scarborough Motorcycle Action Group representative

Linden Road