Orchestra hits the right note

HAVING JUST spent a holiday week in Scarborough, my wife and I wish to praise Scarborough Council indeed for the many attractions and activities available for visitors to the town. An ideal family friendly place.

Perhaps even the council do not know what a real gem they have under their control in the form of a super entertainment complex, namely ‘The Spa’!

We have used this facility every time we have visited Scarborough and are delighted with the recent re-furbishments that have been undertaken inside the building.

It is now a fitting venue for the ‘Jewel in the Crown’, the wonderful Scarborough Spa Orchestra. The enjoyment of audiences who come to listen to these superbly talented musicians is obvious to all who attend the concerts through the season.

We feel that this ‘institution’, an orchestra which Scarborough can rightly be proud of, should be fully supported and guaranteed secure financial backing even though financial constraints are well understood at this time.

These musicians are an asset to the whole area and they deserve to be given preference when funding is being allocated.

To promote this orchestra in every way will bring people into the town, which is what every tourist attraction will benefit from.

The last remaining seaside orchestra in the country must be proclaimed loudly as a magnificent cultural ambassador for Scarborough. Long may it continue to be ‘The principal attraction at the Spa’.

We are surprised that most of the audiences are made up from holiday visitors and only a handful of local supporters. The orchestra, by its exemplary playing, should be part of the local educational network. Every attempt should be made to encourage groups of young people to get involved with this high quality music making.

It would be lovely to see much bigger audiences, made up from all age groups, attending concerts regularly.

The final concert of the 2011 season was so magnificent, a tribute to solid musicianship and we are already looking forward to the next year.

We shall be pleased to continue travelling 75 miles each way to listen again to the truly fabulous Scarborough Spa Orchestra.

Please would you publish this letter in your excellent newspaper. Many Thanks.

Mr and Mrs

Gordon Holdsworth

Kings Close