Our birds need protecting

At LONG last some people are beginning to realise that the RSPB are not doing the job their charity status demands, ie protecting our birds.

The Bempton Residents Against Turbines group are correct in assuming the RSPB have a funny idea of how to protect our birds.

The facts are that the RSPB have 1.1 million subscribers, they, at the last I heard, had in excess of £30m in cash reserves and they are the third largest landowners in the country.

How they can have charity status and be receiving grants etc, takes some understanding, and even more is when you consider the state of our bird populations.

The vast majority of our small songbird populations have declined to their lowest level since records began and some raptor populations that eat alive our songbirds are at their highest ever recorded levels. The RSPB may not agree because they stop at a figure that suits their dramatically flawed method of counting, I am quoting independent sources.

If any private company with the resources that the RSPB have, none of which have actually been earned but donated, had such a miserable record in doing their duty, they would be out of business, but it appears to be easy come, easy go, we’ll spend, spend on projects that have no effect whatsoever on protecting our birds at large.

It is time the government took a close look at the whole RSPB activities.

A Rosbottom

Hatterboard Drive