Out of town?

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I WAS just one person in a packed church hall to hear what our MP had to say about Tesco moving into Dean Road. As I had expected we all heard the immortal words “Tesco will”, not Tesco might, come.

Whether a person who thinks he or she is in charge, such as a Town Hall employee (Civil Servant) a councillor or even the local MP, they have all one thing in common, they are all either paid or elected to be our ‘Temporary Custodians for Scarborough’s Heritage’ and they should never forget this.

For such an important issue as a major superstore (whoever owns it) to move into the town centre, it should be a matter to be debated and decided by the whole town, not just a handful of councillors and an MP.

It was mentioned at the above meeting that this development would ruin the town centre.

It won’t just ruin the town as we know it; most of the town centre small traders will cease to exist!

Even some of the larger ones won’t be able to compete with Tesco which will be discounting everything which they have sold for years.

You might say that competition is a good thing, of course it is but at what expense?

Can you imagine going along Queen Street and finding a casino where Boyes store used to be? It could happen and all the retail businesses along North Marine Road, Castle Road, St Thomas Street etc all closed except for takeaways and charity shops. All this gone forever just to save a few pence at Tesco.

I don’t think it is worth it, and I don’t believe the majority of the residents of Scarborough do either.

Give Morrison’s a bit of opposition and let Tesco open on the so-called empty ‘Business Park’ just down the road.

After all, it’s not used for anything else.

This would leave the council-owned Dean Road site to be developed for something else and would be great news for us all.

It is about time we demanded that Scarborough Council carried out their promise made to us a few years ago now.

What I am on about?

We were all given a ‘promise’ that we were to have a new Indoor Leisure Pool when the Sands development was under way.

This never happened and part of the Dean Road site would be an ideal central place to put it.

The rest of the site should be low-cost housing and the seasonal day excursion coaching trade should be encouraged to return to the William Street Coach Park.

All of this would not affect local traffic levels and put money back into the town centre, not take it out.

Anybody who thinks that Tesco will bring customers into their own small businesses should take a look at other towns and see what has happened to similar areas there.

You don’t need to look far though.

Can you remember our thriving shopping centre of Falsgrave before Safeway turned up in the area?

K Kitching

Filey Road