Outrage over cuts to travel services

QUESTION: WHEN is a service not a service? Answer: When it is a bus service. To axe buses on routes after 6pm is stupid and should not be allowed.

This is a short-sighted look at the way public transport is used by many in areas outside the main town centre. There are buses during the day that run many timetables that could be reduced down to save diesel, and the Park and Ride service is one of them.

It has been said massive daily savings could be made by running the Park and Ride at Osgodby and Seamer Road every 15 minutes instead of 12 as it is at the moment, and over the year that would make a big reduction on fuel used. The type of bus used could also save on fuel cost, the big Volvo engines in these buses must guzzle fuel, why not have a hybrid engine they are available that are diesel/electric?.

On the subject of the bus subsidies, why can’t the buses run on cheaper diesel like the farmers ‘red diesel’ after all the buses are a public service and it would make good sense to do this?

Back to the night time services being axed. Has anyone done a survey on how many people use the services after 6pm? Maybe a smaller type of bus could be used instead of a big double deckers. The council and the councillors and EYMS should look again at this subject and find a way forward. One way forward would be only give bus passes to the retired people of our society, many people have a bus pass and are still in full/part tme work. As I said at the start of my letter, this is front line service, a service that many rely on, and to just stop it is madness in the 21 century.

As central government want us to use public transport more and use our cars less, the Transport Minister should get involved in this matter now, around the table with local councils and councillors and bus company owners, and most of all the travelling public because without them what’s the point of buses?

J Large

Shire Croft