Overhaul needed for park and ride

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RE PARK and Ride.

There can be little doubt now that the Park and Ride, as it is currently being operated, is a complete and utter failure. Indeed it is more than just a failure, it has created problems which before its infliction on the town did not even exist. The huge buses, which trundle around the town most of the time totally empty, are chewing up our already potholed and cratered roads at an alarming rate.

Moreover, to answer B. Thomson’s question, which was how many cars do 88,000 empty buses take off our roads, answer, very few. However, what the buses are good at doing is blocking up our roads and polluting the atmosphere. Also, to add insult to injury, we have to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in subsidy to keep this totally useless service going. Which brings me to the point of this letter.

Although the current set-up is a complete failure there are alternative ways in which this bus service could be operated which might be of some benefit to those who pay for it.

As Tracy Vasey points out, now that there are serious charges being made to park at the hospital why not redirect some of the buses to drop off outside the hospital?

Furthermore, while we are in this sensible mode, why not stop at alternative sites on Seamer Road or Ramshill. Why can’t some buses stop at the station so that people coming back from the hospital could then go into town?

As Tracy says, this would perhaps help with the parking and we might at least see a few more people use the Park and Ride.

Alas, however, these most sensible of solutions will never, at least while the current administration is in power, be undertaken. The Park and Ride must continue damaging our roads, polluting our atmosphere and gobbling up our money.

Why, I hear you ask, because if radical changes were to be made to the existing set-up then those who thought up the scheme and who told us that they were the experts at creating Park and Rides and that the rest of us were idiots for not supporting their vision of the future, would be shown to be wrong.

Such an admission could never be made; the perpetrators of this idiotic venture would rather walk under a Park and Ride bus than admit they had got it wrong.

So fellow cash cows, I am afraid that, at least for the time being, we are stuck with the existing arrangements.

Cllr Norman Murphy


Northstead Ward

Victoria Road