Park and Ride on north side needed

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RE: PARK and Ride site to north of town.

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of our Park and Rides. Indeed I consider that the two White Elephants we already have would have been better employed transporting Hannibal over the Alps rather than blocking up our roads.

Moreover, the £5.5 million spent on building them and the nearly £700,000 spent on running them each year is a classic example of council waste and the Town Hall should hang its collective head in shame for allowing this scandalous misuse of public money to continue.

However, having said all that the idea of a Park and Ride on the northern side of town is not such a bad idea. Indeed in view of the proposed leisure development being planned, and hopefully being started soon, in the northern area of the town, a north side Park and Ride should have been built long ago. Alas, as with most things this council plans, the cart is inevitably placed before the horse. While we should have had a viable Park and Ride site ready for development on the north side as soon as building work on the principal visitor attraction starts, sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, we haven’t. Only now, nearly 15 years since a north side leisure development was approved, is the head of “forward planning” recommending that a north side Park and Ride should be put in his 10 year blueprint on future transport aims. You couldn’t make it up.

Cllr Norman Murphy


Representing the

Northstead Ward