Park Ranger service should be expanded

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RE: WHERE’S the security (Scarborough Evening News, March 8).

I feel I must write and agree with S Harrison who is as sickened as I am by the wanton destruction of the Spa steps ballustrades by mindless vandals.

However, I fear that this will only be the start of bigger and more aggressive acts of vandalism on the South Cliff and in the wider town now that the Park Ranger service is being withdrawn.

In fact, we have already seen another act of vandalism in recent days with the setting fire of goods outside one of our charity shops which could have been very serious indeed.

It is well documented that once people who have no regard or respect for the society in which they live lose the fear of being caught while perpetrating their acts of anti-social behaviour, then the level of criminal damage, theft and abuse goes up.

Our personal well-being, as well as our beautiful and unique heritage, is being put at risk by this penny-pinching withdrawal of much needed services.

Not only should this council act of vandalism be reversed but the Park Ranger service should be expanded.

With more rangers we might even save money and perhaps, more importantly, save some of our irreplaceable heritage from being lost forever.

What might be ruined next, the Italian Gardens?

John Bradley

Chairman, Friends of Raincliffe Woods

Independent candidate

Weaponness Ward