Parking: Challenging the system

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The on street parking in Scarborough since decriminalisation has been nothing short of controversial with illegal enforcement of tickets because the signage didn’t comply.

Despite reported deliberations and the views of the Parking Ombudsman the system is still enforced under the view that “it meets the spirit of the law”.

It’s not only fellow Europeans who are not coughing up but UK drivers who rightfully challenge the system are not being pursued.

For the council to pursue errant parkers across the channel they have to comply with the Human Rights Act 1998 and act in a lawful way. This is the same citerea for all other potential offenders.

The signage round town is generally awful and for the system to be a controlled parking zone it must comply with the regulations.

There are a number of UK residents running around in foreign plated cars who not only are parking freely but not taxed, not insured, not road tested.

So to comply with the Human Rights Act 1998 the system would have to be lawful.

John Pawson

Weaponess Valley Road