Parking concern

ON OCTOBER 10, 2010, the Evening News reported on the funeral of a popular local motorcyclist, whose friends and family had travelled from all over the country to pay their respects and attend a wake at the Oasis Cafe in Royal Albert Drive.

The day was marred by the heavy-handed actions of a traffic warden, who objected to a neat line of bikes parked on the seaward pavement, on a quiet weekday.

The police were called to make sure he was obeyed. I called in the Town Hall a few days later, and was told that the adjacent double yellow lines prohibited parking anywhere on the pavement.

I was bemused, therefore, to open Monday’s paper to see photographs of many expensive sports cars taking up most of the same pavement, on a busy Sunday morning.

A traffic warden is pictured, assisting them to park! Perhaps someone from the Town Hall can explain away these blatant double standards.

Stuart Gething,

Scarborough Motorcycle Action Group representative,

Linden Road,