Parking fees are a joke

I FEEL I must respond to some of the letters in your paper recently.

I have only lived in Scarborough for two years, and can’t wait to move out.

The parking fees in the borough are a joke. Now they want us to pay through the winter on Marine Drive, and this is while we put up with the works being instigated by Yorkshire Water.

On holiday last year in the south west, each resort wanted you to revisit them by putting parking at 50p for the first hour and 1.50 for a further two hours. I don’t know where visitors with young families, wanting to go on the beach or the foreshore, are supposed to park without needing a second mortgage to pay the charges.

Are we really trying our best to encourage tourists to return to our town, time and time again?

As for iPads. Whatever did councillors do in the old days without today’s technology? Manage without them, for God’s sake.

Finally as for the Christmas lights. They are the most pathetic I have ever seen.

Come on you councillors - do what you were voted in for.

Mrs V A Elton

Byward Drive