Parking idea needs another look at

FURTHER TO the report in last night’s Evening News headed ‘Guesthouses will get Tesco parking’.

I feel that Tesco need to revisit the area concerned as the plan does not show the true position.

The guest houses are situated below the existing roundabout in Columbus Ravine and are not even shown on the plan.

From the plan it appears the spaces to be lost are near the cemetery and above which are residents’ houses, not guest houses.

Having counted the parking spaces from the Dean Road roundabout to the junction of Franklin Street there are 25 spaces plus at least four on the opposite side of the road near Playzone where the proposed entrance is to be, with further spaces in front of GT Garages.

In is unclear which 14 spaces are being referred to in the report.

If spaces are to be lost in front of the guest houses ie below the roundabout, this will bring the total to far more than 16.

It is also not feasible for parking to be available only from 6pm until 10am. Where is everyone supposed to park during the day?

Before Tesco submit their plans to Scarborough Council’s Planning Committee I feel they need to get their facts right.

CM Price

Columbus Ravine


PS My husband wrote to Deborah Hayeems, Regional Corporate Affairs Manager on receipt of a letter from Tesco dated May 19, regarding the parking situation but has not had any answer or an acknowledgement so far.