Parking issue still on agenda

AS A very elderly patient at Scarborough Hospital, I have nothing but praise for my treatment at the hospital, both as an out patient and in.

However, the question of car parking has been something of a nightmare because of my disabilities. I agree with all the comments in the article, but despair at the inane statements of the director of facilities.

He seems to be out of touch with the problem and his solutions to it. The bus is fine if you live on the route, but otherwise it would involve the use of another bus to get to it.

I am very concerned that the penalty charges are to be administered by an external company. Are we to be bothered by tough guys such as the clamping fraternity?

The vexed question of how long to pay for when we have no way of knowing how long we are to be there. The only solution would be to introduced paying at the point of exit.

WG Spencer