Parking problems cannot carry on

WAS IT bad timing on my part or just a coincidence that from my first writing my letter to the paper and it being published, the Hospital Trust Board made public the proposed extension for the new Outpatients Department on the one piece of land that could be Tarmaced for car parking. A piece of land that, I might add, has been used as a car park until recently.

In the past, the people of Scarborough have been under the impression that the Trust were millions in debt and now, suddenly, they have £2.3 million to invest each year for the next five years. That aside, is this new extension really needed? It would appear that this department has been run quite successfully in its present situation for the last few years, so why the need for a new facility? I am not suggesting that the medical care of the people of Scarborough should come second to the public’s transport and parking problems but the Trust must realise that the present situation cannot go on and must be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Letters that have appeared over the last few weeks must prove the feelings of patients, visitors and staff alike. At your next Trust meeting please sit down and think long and hard. I understand that someone on the management team suggested that they have no plans to consider a pay as you exit system at the moment.

I therefore suggest that until such a time, considering the present troubles of parking and payment, you drop parking charges altogether until the situation can be resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Denis Egglestone

Leighton Close