Parking: Why we won’t be bringing business here

As a disabled businessman visiting Scarborough recently, I received two parking tickets in a two day period.

The first one as a result of being held up in a meeting by 10 minutes and going over the three hour restriction, although the ticket had not been applied to my vehicle it had been printed.

The officer was very helpful and assured me that he would let them know it had just been issued. I immediately put in my defence, but this was refused.

The second ticket was applied to the vehicle outside a local hotel with no own parking at 6.40am on a Sunday morning. This again upheld.

As a director of a national furniture chain looking to increase our store portfolio I had been visiting Scarborough. I shall not be pursuing our interest in Scarborough, due solely to the poor parking provisions and overzealous wardens in the town.

Daren Spencer

Low Marnham