Pass ball not buck over club ground

I was pleased to see letters from other Scarborough residents regarding the appalling way in which the council have tried to pass the buck over the demise of the football ground.

I was outraged to see Cllr Fox’s comments and his pathetic attempt to justify why the ground is not fit for purpose. It is clear to the people of this town the council played a major part in the fall of the club.

Councillors in the town hall yet again have not listened to the public, just as they didn’t listen to the majority of the town folk over the Asda versus Tesco dilemma but as with Scarborough Borough Council the language of money prevailed and we got Tesco as they were offering more money.

The council let things get beyond repair and become an eyesore till it needs to be demolished, as it has done with so many buildings in the town. It seems a football ground being used once fortnightly is not enough justification to inject money in a revamp of the stadium yet this is the same council who invested millions in revamping the Open Air Theatre for maybe four or five shows per year!

The stadium would be used far more than the councillor suggests as the site has the capacity to house function rooms for parties, weddings, meetings and conferences, also on this point why not incorporate a social club within the Seamer Road site since the loss of the Mere Club?

I am sure that many residents of the town would volunteer to help clean up the site and restore it to its former glory.

The council weren’t complaining when Boro were hosting Chelsea FC and generating revenue for the town as they all had poundsigns flashing in front of their eyes. Why build a sports village on Weaponness when we have the solid foundations already there at Seamer Road?

I think a campaign to out the current councillors at the next election is needed as we need councillors who listen to us, not those who think they know best and reign supreme.

Mr W Lowery

Long Walk