Paths leading to Spa are in a terrible state

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RE SOUTH Cliff Gardens - approach to Spa Complex.

We wonder if anyone within Scarborough Borough Council has any pride in the town and South Cliff gardens, in particular where the footpaths and surrounding areas approaching the Spa Complex are in an atrocious overgrown condition.

Given the millions of pounds of public money that has been spent on ‘the still not yet quite finished’ Spa refurbishments, this traditional route down to the Spa by local residents and visitors alike is hardly an attraction, whereas in the past this was one of the town’s most panoramic and enjoyable walks.

There is a considerable stretch along Esplanade from where someone who had not been to Scarborough before would not know the Spa existed or for that matter what marvellous views of the bay they are missing because of the self sown trees that have been allowed to grow to ridiculous heights - visitors only realise there must be something down below when they hear music drifting up a couple of times a day during the holiday season.

If members of the council or tourism officers ever bother to walk along this part of Esplanade or battle their way through the jungle of weeds of all species to try and find the Spa, they must do so with eyes shut which is incredible given the cheap ‘haven’t we done well publicity’ employed to refer to the Spa when in reality only lip-service is being paid to the Spa and the routes to it.

There is an entrance door to the Spa with a broken glass pane replaced by cardboard and the tarmac in front of the Grand Hall looks like it has been laid by someone with a garden rake which detracts from rather than enhancing the building.

We could go on but the best thing will be for you to send a photographer down who will discover that this once prestigious part of Scarborough is now neglected and nothing more than empty talk as far as the council is concerned.

Please ask your reporter to take care when chancing using the once splendid steps down to the Sun Court balcony as he or she may trip over and or be stung by the nettles. It may be safer and a better view for the public to be directed to the Spa at a lower level rather than through the dank undergrowth of the cliff path network where benches ought to be removed because they no longer offer the views they were placed there for.

JEM Stroughhair