Pavements not iPads

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RE: iPads.

This is the first time I have written in regarding anything in the Evening News, but I feel enough is enough with the band of cohorts in the guise of Scarborough Borough Councillors.

Do they ever listen to the public? I think not, they seem to have the opinion that they can do what they want whenever they want and we have to accept it,

In the words of Louis Armstrong, “what a wonderful world” they live in. I am of course referring to the iPad debate.

Do they not realise we are all on tight budgets and have to live in the real world, and, yes, the best part is, a Tory government is advocating a freeze on council tax, except it seems, that is, for Scarborough Borough Council!

J Starkey

Plover Gardens


REGARDING the piece in the paper on Thursday January 19 about the council getting ipads.

I agree with the comments on page 13, there are things need doing more important than ipads.

For instance, the pavement on lower Northway where the fish shop is is terrible, more holes than pavement. I’ve tripped a few times there. They could spend money on things like that instead of ipads.

What’s happened to using your brains instead of machines?

J Dunn

Gordon Street


I HAVE never written to the Scarborough Evening News before, but I am quite incensed by the fact that my council tax is going to help fund new iPads for councillors, especially in these difficult times when the government are telling us to ‘tighten our belts’.

The councillors already have serviceable laptops, if they feel that they need to upgrade surely that should come from their purse not the public’s.

G Porter

Green Island