People are complaining without proper reason

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I have no connection in any way with SRUFC.

Why are the same concerns not being shown about the noise from events at the Open Air Theatre.

Is it because the OAT is council owned and the rugby club privately owned?

I would suggest that at every event held to date the noise levels have been well in excess of the official Code of Practice.

If I can sit in my back where I live and hear a majority of sound tests, warm ups and actual concerts then I shudder to think what the noise level is for people at the bottom of Cleveland Avenue, on Burniston Road and surrounding area.

The noise from the concerts to date would indicate to have been well in excess of the maximum 75dB over a 15-minute period for an Urban stadia or arena holding 1 to 3 concerts per calendar year, per venue.

Or 15dB for background noise over a 15-minute period for all venues holding four to 12 concerts per calendar year, per venue.

I accept with a westerly wind it is less loud at least in my back. Compared to where the rugby club is to the nearest house as compared to the Open Air Theatre to housing there is literally no comparison.

So I can see no grounds at all for curbing any activity at the rugby club within reason.

One gets the feeling that its maybe just a case of some residents that do not like rugby complaining for complaining sake.

PJS Waller

Woodville Avenue