Peregrine Falcons hunt on the wing

I SEE from today’s Evening News that the “cute and cuddly brigade” are, yet again, working themselves into a frenzy, this time in the form of Mr and Mrs Chapman, who are having a rant about the Peregrine Falcons which are currently gracing Scarborough.

For starters, Peregrines do not, as the Chapmans allege, eat seagull babies “in the nest”, they are not rats or grey squirrels, which will take eggs and fledglings. They hunt on the wing and most of their prey is taken either in the air, or knocked out of the sky to be retrieved when they land (by which time, it is very likely dead, so extremely unlikely to be consumed alive!!)

Their favoured prey are larger birds, such as pigeons - the likes of Skylarks or Song Thrushes will be quite low on their list of potential food, and certainly, if they are taken, it would not be in sufficient numbers as to render them extinct!

I would suggest that Mr and Mrs Chapman read up about Peregrines (and other raptors) and learn something about their lifestyle, as they are both obviously ignorant about these birds. Until then, they should try to view nature as it is and accept that there are predators (this includes we humans) and prey, and it has been like this for many millions of years!

For the record, I would like to state that I am NOT a member of the RSPB, although I support much of their work.

Trisha Scott

West Park Terrace