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YOUR CORRESPONDENTS, George Brown (March 14) and Ray Lazenby (March 19) give contradictory accounts of the bombing of Queen Margaret’s School in Scarborough in March 1941. Neither is correct.

Ray Lazenby is right in saying that the school was not totally destroyed by the land mine that hit it - as was asserted by George Brown.

However, the building that was hit and damaged beyond repair was not, as he says, ‘the school gym,’ but a large teaching and accommodation block (which included an assembly hall, library, laboratories and gym), formally opened in September 1932 (hardly a year or two earlier than 1941).

The damage to the main building was more superficial (windows blown in, tiles removed), but still substantial and certainly greater than any random vandalism inflicted on the building by occupying soldiers.

Photographs in my history of the school (on page 14, Queen Margaret’s School, York 1901-2001, published by Queen Margaret’s School, 2001) graphically confirm these points.

JPG Taylor

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