Permanent pedestrian area plea


After the first McCain Yorkshire Coast 10K, I wrote and commented what a vibrant atmosphere it had been outside the Spa Theatre, because the area had been pedestrianised for the race.

Since then, during the internal improvement works, the area outside has been boarded up and effectively made a pedestrianised area. People have now become adjusted to this and any problems in regard to the loss of parking must surely have been overcome.

Scarborough Council now has the opportunity to make the exterior a permanent pedestrianised area, with restricted access for vehicles who are delivering to the theatre. Over time, when funds become available, improvements to the exterior surroundings could take place. This would surely be preferable to the past sterile area when pedestrians mixed with parked vehicles, and would make a more fitting environment in front of the theatre.

I am sure there must be plenty of Scarborough residents who could come up with ideas for the use of such an area without the use of any expensive consultants.

Peter White

St Martin’s Avenue