Peter Jaconelli: Kids knew what he was like

Peter Jaconelli isn’t here to defend himself against the allegations posthumously levelled against him, so I write in his defence.

We all knew Peter as kids down the bottom end, he was the butt of many a joke, and yes he was a bit tactile, but we kids knew what he was like, and it’s a paranoid few, whose lurid agendas have blurred their thinking to such an extent it’s becoming pathetic, not to mention yawningly boring.

Indeed, he once gave me a lift and put his hand on my knee, but when I made it patently clear to him that I was not interested, he dropped me off, and I profited to the tune of ten bob, which was a lot of money in those days.

Peter was a fine mayor of this town, and I for one will not have his name sullied by tittle tattlers, who have nothing better to do than cause trouble and cast aspersions through their inadequacies to come to terms with their own bigoted preferences.

I always found Peter Jaconelli a gentleman, and I spit on those who haven’t the guts to come forward and back up their allegations with factual evidence.

I couldn’t care less if they do remove every last vestige of Pete’s time in office, it will matter not one jot to those who knew him.

And to the Jaconelli family I would say this, you should be rightfully proud of that fat little ice cream seller who came from Italy, and did so much for the town of Scarborough, as opposed to those who have done nothing.

And to you so-called councillors sat in pious judgement I tell you this, Peter Jaconelli did far more for our town than any of you will ever do.

And of one thing I am certain, he will be remembered more favourably by the ensuing years long after you and your ilk have shuffled off this mortial coil.

TW Ward