Photo filled the gap about history of Scalby Mills

It was nice to see the aerial archive photo of Scalby Mills in the paper on Thursday April 19.

I had my first seasonal job at the Scalby Mills cafe at the grand age of 13 in the early 1970s.

I worked there for two seasons and remember the amusements and the astroglide that was used by children, and adults, especially during the summer (when we had them). The salt water paddling pool was always full of young children. Nowadays people may wonder why there is a flight of steps leading to this area (now you know). A travelling fair was located on the car park for the two seasons that I worked at the cafe.

I recently bought Robin Lidster’s ‘Newby and Scalby Through Time’.

I enjoyed reading it but thought that Robin had missed out a bit of the history of Scalby Mills by not mentioning the hotel and cafe and everything else that existed before the Sea Life Centre was built (pages 92 & 93).

Your photo has now filled the gap.

Thank you for jogging the memories.

Dave Young

The Whins