Planning: Let’s forget the superstore

Re “Council leader slams court ruling for market site review” (Mercury, April 1).

It concerns me that after all this time, some members of Ryedale District Council are still hoping the proposed development of a major superstore on Wentworth Street Car Park will go ahead. This seems to have been going on for many years and times have changed.

We now have more supermarkets in Malton and Norton and the old Showfield has been identified as suitable for a housing development. This field does provide overflow parking for Malton Food Festival days and the supposedly increased number of parking spaces in Wentworth Street Car Park will not have access from Princess Road or Wentworth Street.

Also, where Pasture Lane meets Newbiggin that junction is to be closed, giving the only access to Wentworth Street Car Park and the proposed superstore will be off Pasture Lane. Pasture Lane will be accessed by the difficult narrow bend into Highfield Road near the Croft and then pass by two primary schools. At the other end access will be by the new road layout at the Broughton Rise development into Pasture Lane. I think this poor parking facility would be a real deterrent for those visitors who regularly attend the food festivals.

The problem of traffic queuing in Castlegate has been blamed on the supermarket there. The real cause of traffic congestion is due to the York to Scarborough railway line crossing the road between Malton and Norton. Occasionally there can be trains in either direction causing the crossing to be closed longer and this can cause long queues in Commercial Street, Norton as well as in Castlegate, Malton.

There are some excellent shops in Malton and Norton but there are complaints about the number of closed and unoccupied shops. The uncertainty of the proposed superstore drawing regular shoppers out of the Market Place does not help build confidence in local investment.

I say let’s forget the superstore and look at improving Malton and Ryedale.

Cllr Brian Maud

Ryedale District Council